Avatar wiseinstitute | August 10, 2017

The Qur’an has many names. But needless to say, the most commonly used name is “Qur’an.” This is mentioned in the Qur’an: “Most certainly it is a Qur’an (recited) most honorable” (ayet?)

  1. Al-Kitab; meaning the Qur’an. “This is the Book: there is no doubt about it....” (al-Baqarah 2:1–2).
  2. Al-Furqan; meaning the Criterion for right and wrong, it was given this title because it differentiates between the truth and false, the lawful and unlawful.
  3. Adh-Dhikr; which means a reminder, to remember. The Qur’an was given this title because it is a reminder of Allah.

Indeed it is We, We Who sent down the Reminder in parts, and it is indeed We Who are its Guardian” (al-Hijr 15:9).

  1. Al-Huda; meaning guidance. The Book of Allah was given this name because it guides the people to the path of truth.

“...as guidance for the people...” (Al Imran 3:4).

Written by wiseinstitute