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Become a Wise Youth Speaker!

A lot of misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims occur in today’s world. The biggest reason for this, unfortunately, is the lack of knowledge that we Muslims have regarding our own tradition. The majority of those exposed to Islamophobia and misunderstandings about our faith tend to be Muslim university students living in the Western world.

The Wise Youth Speakers’ training program provides the opportunity for young Muslim Americans to upgrade their skills regarding the most frequently asked questions about Islam, and improve their presentations skills.

Through this program, you will be matched with a mentor that is an expert in the field you select, from whom you can seek answers towards improving  your knowledge. During 3 months of courses, readings, assignments and presentations, you will have expanded your knowledge of Islam and know how to give presentations using various platforms.

Your application will be reviewed by the Wise Youth Speakers’  Program admission committee. Upon your acceptance, you will be contacted by Wise Institute.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below.

This program is free of charge.

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294 Views 5 On 2 Ratings Rate it

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